• "We live in a fast, digital world. These new technologies and possibilities fascinate and inspire me again and again. But at the same time they encourage me to honour and hold on to our connection to nature, the elements and the wisdom of our ancestors, in order to live in balance in the here and now."

  • My artworks may be visual anchors for this connection.

    Recharge with new energy, calm down, rediscover your focus, sense clarity or let yourself flow with pure joy of life.

    Feel these resonances and your bond with the universe."

  • Art, as a powerful support to bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

Magic companions

Brand new, unique and powerful works of art combining painting, healing stones and treasured metals for wonderful energy in a room.
> Discover "Magical Companions"

Free Spirit Landscapes

"Feeling width & listening into the silence".

> Discover abstract landscapes

Free Spirit Botanicals

"Be the wildflower in a field of roses"

> Discover abstract wildflowers

Into the Light

"Our Journey through life: a unique web of countless experiences, feelings, interactions, experiences - and there is always the light."

> explore abstract series "Into the Light"
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