How about a piece of art created for you individually as a powerful companion for your further development? Completely personalized for you with a unique combination of colors, healing stones and real gold or silver!


How we realize your unique work of art:

1. First, what do you need?

Where would you like to be even more in balance? Where do you want support on your life journey?

In a personal conversation, we find out together which healer stone, which metal, which colors can support you best.

>> Write me for a cost-free consultation - I look forward to hearing from you!

2. Your personal combination

You will receive from me a a suggestion for your personal combination of stone, color and metal. We reconcile once again regarding the details and discuss any changes. You can also give your image a title yourself!

I then summarize everything again in a detailed offer for you and after receipt of your deposit I start with the realization.


3. Studio time

Now you can sit back, for it starts my working time in the studio. I start with the painting itself, which consists of a variety of fused layers of wax medium. I apply the gold leaf details, capture the stone and then anchor it in the painting.

Your needs will be with me throughout this time and mindfulness and creativity will create a magical atmosphere in my studio, which will also become part of your artwork.


4. Updates

During the studio stage I keep you informed about the progress of your artwork and will send you, if you wish, "updates" via email or Whatsapp.

Let me know your comments and impressions. I am also very happy about your feedback especially in this stage.

5. From Me to You

Your artwork is finished. It is signed by me on the back. Title, work directory number and creation date are also noted.

Contact me now and save your commission option!

I have a limited number of commissions I can accept at any given time.

>> Write me an email or use the contact form. I am looking forward to you!

FAQ - frequently asked questions

How long does a commissioned project take?

The creation of your artwork takes about 2-3 weeks for the smallest format (25x25 cm). Then it' s ready for pickup or shipping.

Larger formats (from 50 cm) will need longer in any case.

I will start with the creation as soon as the deposit of 50% is received by me.


How and where does the interview take place?

Your commissioned work can become a powerful companion and visual anchor for your further development.

In our initial consultation - which is completely free of charge and without obligation for you - we will find out where you need support on your journey and which healing stones and colors could come into play for this.

We can also address very specific aspects of your life and the needs associated with them. Do you need more focus at work or energy in everyday life? Maybe you want to calm down more or need to be grounded. Creativity and communication can also be enhanced.

We can have the conversation online as a video chat or we can have a classic phone call.

How much is a commissioned work?

The prices vary depending on the effort, material and size. Here are some price examples for a commissioned work with healing stone and real gold leaf (23 1/3 carats)

25x25 cm > 500 EUR

40x40 cm > 800 EUR

60x60 cm > 1200 EUR

80x80 cm > 1600 EUR

50x150 cm > 2000 EUR

Shipping and packaging included within Germany and Austria.

Further possible formats with pleasure inquire!

What is the payment process?

Sobald Du das Angebot angenommen hast, erhälst Du eine Rechnung von mir für das Auftragswerk. 50% hiervon zahlst Du zu Beginn als Anzahlung, den Rest nach Fertigstellung.

Nach Erhalt der Anzahlung fange ich mit der Atelierphase an.

Du kann mit EC-Karte, Kreditkarte oder paypal bezahlen. Du hast noch Fragen? Bitte melde Dich gern bei mir.

How much is the shipping?

Within Germany and Austria there are no shipping costs for you.

I calculate the shipping costs to other countries depending on the size of the artwork and delivery location. There are additional costs to be paid here.

And if I don't like the artwork?

I made the process of my commissioned work so that it can not actually come to that.

You are involved from the beginning very close to the creation process and I also start not before you agree with the offer all around.

During the studio stage, I will also keep you up to date and I am always happy to receive your feedback.


What working technique is used to create the artwork?

>> here you can learn more about the millennia-old technique of wax painting - also called encaustic