About me

The creative process

My pictures are always created in a spontaneous, completely free process and usually consist of several layers of material.
They flow out of my hand and become something tangible that I otherwise couldn't express with words. I let myself be carried away by and with them. And that's what they should inspire you to do.
The meaning that is hidden behind the individual image is not necessarily related to the object, the pattern or the depicted object, but to the feeling it triggers in the viewer. Giving mindfulness to the moment would be a wonderful purpose of my pictures.
There is always something new
to discover or a different effect on yourself - to find peace or new energy. The most important thing is to be or become a free spirit.
Or to put it in the words of Pablo Picasso: "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Material and way of working

I love to work with natural materials and so I rediscovered the millennia-old art of encaustic for myself.
Beeswax and damar (a natural resin) are used to make a base medium, which is needed both for the primer and for making the paints. Damar makes the beeswax more resistant and increases its melting point. The wax medium is melted and pigmented for use - opaque or translucent. Many layers are applied one on top of the other and fused together again and again with a propane gas burner. Pigmented shellac is applied with a brush and"burned off"with the burner. This creates beautiful, unique and always new network effects.

The human being

Born and raised in the former GDR, I live and work today in Herzogenaurach, in southern Germany, in Franconia. Already during my school days I joined the children's and youth drawing circle of the artist Eberhard Frey in the castle of my hometown Bernburg and was able to develop a solid basis over the years.
Even though I studied law after school, creativity has always played an important role in my life. I am self-taught through and through and over time have developed my own technique using pigmented wax and shellac as well as oil paints and pastels.
My pictures speak their own language - unconventional, from a free spirit.