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Kissed by Colors, 30x30cm

Kissed by Colors, 30x30cm

"Kissed by colors" is part of the "Free Spirit Botanicals" series - wild flowers and blossoms, in the most beautiful colours of nature. Be the wildflower in a field full of roses!

Flowers are pure joy of life! Or as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "The earth laughs in flowers".

Encaustic Mixed Media: several layers of pigmented melted wax, ink and burnt shellac on birch wood - 25x25m, 2021.

Catalogue raisonné number: 21/sq25/FE4

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Will not melt on the wall!

Damar, a natural tree resin, is added to the beeswax. This increases the natural melting point of the wax to over 70 °C.

Natural materials

Birch wood, beeswax, damar (tree resin). natural pigments, shellac (resin) in some paintings, gold leaf (23 1/3 carats), minerals / healing stones


Create with heart & soul!

I dedicate myself to each work of art with devotion and awareness. The wonderfully magical atmosphere in my studio flows with it. Thus emerge works of art with incredibly positive vibration.


Working technique "Encaustic"

>> here you can learn more about the millennia-old technique of wax painting - also called encaustic

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